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Why Hula?

Inventory Management

Customize your inventory structure and then track it with 100% accuracy.  Track backorders, shipment errors, items that you keep, gifts and giveaways, lost and stolen items, inventory swaps, and more.  Quickly load pre-built inventory structures from some of the most popular direct sales companies to get up and running quickly!  Get recommended orders automatically generated based on your current inventory levels compared to seasonally adjustable targets that you can fully customize.  Don't guess anymore.  Hold your inventory lines right where you want them!

Easy Photo Uploads

Easily upload photos of your inventory.  They can be generic photos of product lines, or photos of individual unique items.  Upload photos that you have taken yourself, or images that are provided for your use by your direct sales affiliate.  Please ensure that any images uploaded are yours and do not infringe on any copyrights or violate any policies of your direct sales affiliate.

Hula Hosted Events

Let's be honest.  Facebook albums are not built to host sales.  Hula IS...but don't worry, we still facilitate Facebook album uploads.  Create Hula events in minutes with no need for uploading, sorting, deleting, tracking, Google Sheets, or any other jury-rigged solution.  Use the power of Hula to give your customers a better shopping experience.  Take advantage of advanced sorting and filtering, integrated claims, chat features, and more.  Host multi-consultant sales.  Customers can create free accounts that allow them to remember favorites, track past purchases, initiate return requests, and more.  Works great on mobile!

Integrated CC Processing

(Coming Soon!) When you take advantage of the integrated credit processing in Hula you can create and send invoices, use the advanced point of sale at parties with a free EMV Chip Reader, issue refunds, and more.  All with rates significantly less than PayPal or Square.  A user with average monthly sales of $5,000 could expect to save around $500 per year with Hula Pay.  Fast payouts, no long term contract, no cancellation fees, no nonsense.  Just the best merchant services available.  Note: This feature may not be compliant with some direct sales company policies.

Buy and Print Postage

Hula's Shipping Center takes all the hassle and headache out of shipping your products.  Buy postage right in the system.  Create shipping labels, track your shipments, email return labels, print labels individually or in batch.  Get low shipping rates and tailor your shipping costs to your needs with pay-as-you-go or volume pricing options.

QR/UPC Codes

Automatically generate QR codes for your items, which can be easily printed on sheets of sticker labels, or individually through label printers.  Or, utilize QR and UPC codes already associated with products.  Then, use Hula on any smart device to scan your QR codes during sales, shipping, or general inventory management.

Order Management

Input, receive, and reconcile your inventory replenishment orders from any vendor that you sell for. System inventory tracking is automatically updated and errors in your orders received are tracked until fulfilled.

Event Calendar

Track all your past and upcoming events right in the system.  Multiple event types available.  Tie sales and claims to events for superior tracking and reporting.  Share events with other Hula users.

Outfits and Bundles

Hula exclusive!  Combine your items into custom Outfits and Bundles, the Hula inventory system can track it all.  Items from multiple vendors?  Doesn't matter.  Upload Outfits to Facebook without fear of overselling.  Host a Hula Sale to truly realize the full features of the Outfit/Bundle system.

Advanced Reports

What are your profit margins?  How much money do you have tied up in inventory?  What are your best sellers?  How close are you to monthly sales goals?  How much money did you make at your last event?  Where is your breakeven?  Hula has the answers for you!  Build your customer relationships!  See every item you have ever sold or given away to any of your customers.  Establish reward programs and manage credits awarded to customers.  Hula makes it easy!

Expense Tracking

Get rid of the shoebox full of fading receipts.  Use Hula to scan or upload and categorize your expenses as they occur.  Make tax time a breeze.  Have a permanent record of all expenses in the cloud!  Generate a Schedule C with a push of a button.  Hula has the most advanced expense tracking and reporting available.